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Central X-ray & Ultrasound is a cutting-edge medical imaging practice committed to clinical excellence by providing compassionate care and quality-driven customer service. Our professional staff provide a warm and friendly environment. We specialize in customer care for all and we are always improving to serve you better.

Central X-ray & Ultrasound is an industry leader, providing high quality images with fast and accurate results—they are sent to your physician within 2 business days. We offer services that are often only available in hospitals. We can help you avoid long wait times and get you the immediate care you require.

Our clinic features complete digital technology, which reduces radiation exposure while providing the highest quality imaging. Our friendly and competent staff ensure efficient and pleasant service, with special attention given to patient privacy and comfort.

Call and schedule your appointment now. X-ray exams are walk-ins and are always welcome, Ultrasound and Bone density exams require appointments. We look forward to serving you.

Our Staff



 All our Radiologists are board certified and are fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (FRCPC). Each radiologist maintains certification through ongoing Continuing Medical Educational (CME) events. Rest assured that you are getting expert diagnosis when you visit our clinic. 



 Our exceptional Ultrasound technologists are all registered with The College of Medical Radiation Technologists of Ontario , the Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and/or CARDUP, ensuring that they have completed rigorous education and training standards. They are experienced in all types of ultrasound procedures and continue to educate themselves to stay current with the latest technology in the field of radiology. 



Our sophisticated X-Ray technologists are all registered with The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and hold degrees in radiography from an accredited institution.  All our staff, they have completed rigorous education and training standards. Our technologists are experienced in producing high quality X-Rays. Their training, experience and knowledge in diagnostic imagery, coupled with their patient-focused care and service, results in the highest quality imaging, ensuring precise diagnosis. 

X-Ray- No Appointment required

X-Rays are a safe, fast and accurate way for a physician to look at and evaluate broken bones and fractures. Though exposure to radiation during an X-Ray is very minimal, as a precaution, pregnant women should avoid X-Rays.

Our expert, on-site team is compassionate and efficient.  The X-Ray is completed quickly. If the image shows that you require immediate treatment, your physician will have your results within 2 business days and they will contact you to explain the findings

How the X-Ray is Captured?

Radiography creates images by passing high-energy waves of electromagnetic energy through the body and capturing the resulting shadows and reflections on a photographic plate. 

Patient Preparation

Prior to your X-Ray, depending on which body part is being imaged, you may be asked to remove your watch, jewelry or garments with metal closures. These items can block part of the image.

You will be asked to either lie on a table, sit or stand depending on the ordered exam. The technologists will instruct you of any required breathing instructions needed.

We are sensitive to your individual needs and will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Your X-Rays will be reviewed by the radiologist, who will report the findings to your personal physician within 2 business days. 


Do I need an appointment?

All Ultrasound exams require appointments. We also ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment for registration.

How can I prepare for an Ultrasound?

 Vascular, thyroid, and musculoskeletal US require no special preparation

Abdominal ultrasound requires fasting, whereas pelvic and pregnancy ultrasound require a full bladder

Abdominal Ultrasound

  • Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before your examination (except to swallow necessary medications)

Obstetrical or Pelvic Ultrasound

  • You need a full bladder
  • Finish drinking 40 fluid ounces or 1 Litres of water (5 glasses of 8 oz or 227 ml) 1 hour before your examination
  • Do not void

Combination Pelvic and Abdominal Ultrasound

  • Nothing to eat for 8 hours but complete drinking 40 ounces or 1 Litres of water 1 hour before your examination
  • Do not void

Abdomen Limited for Hernia

  • No Preparation is required

How is an Ultrasound performed?

You may be asked to change into a gown.  For most procedures, you will be asked to lie down on the examination table. The technologist will apply some gel to your skin and run a probe over the area requested by your doctor. You may be asked to hold your breath or change position.  Multiple images will be acquired during the examination.

An ultrasound examination could take 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the body part.

Bone Density

What is a BMD exam?

Bone mineral densitometry is a special X-ray examination used to measure bone loss.  It is also known as Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA).  The exam is usually performed on the lumbar spine and hip. The results can help with diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

OHIP covers one baseline BMD test per patient per lifetime. Follow up studies will depend on the results of your baseline test and clinical risk factors. There are various clinical risk factors which may lead your physician to order a BMD test for you.

How can I prepare for a BMD exam?

 48 hrs prior to test, do not take calcium supplements, Vitamin D, multivitamins or iron tablets until after the examination. For every visit you will be required to fill out a patient questionnaire.

How is a BMD performed?

You will be asked to  change into a patient gown for this appointment. A technologist will call you in and ask you to lie on your back on the examination table. For each part of the study (spine and hip) your legs will be positioned appropriately.  A small detector attached to the table will slowly move across the spine or hip and generate images on the computer monitor.

The procedure takes about 15- 20 minutes 


What is a Mammogram?


Mammography is an x-ray examination of your breast. Mammograms are used as a screening tool for women and also to detect and diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms.

We use Digital Mammography state of the art equipment that generates high-quality diagnostic images.

There are a number of advantages to using digital mammography:

  • images are of much higher quality
  • images are seen and evaluated immediately by the technologist
  • images are digitally transmitted to the Radiologist for interpretation and can be enlarged and/or enhanced for clearer visualization
  • images can be electronically stored and retrieved for comparison when needed.

How can I prepare for a Mammogram?

Patients are asked not to wear any powder, deodorant, lotion or perfume on the breast and underarm area. 

The technologists will review a questionnaire with every patient.

How is a Mammogram performed?

Patients are required to change into a gown. The procedure is performed standing up. When in the examination room the technologist will place your breast on a small platform and use a clear plastic paddle to compress the breast tissue for the exposure. The pressure is released automatically at the end of the exposure. There may be slight discomfort when performing the examination. 

The procedure takes about 15- 20 minutes 

Do I need an appointment?

All mammograms require appointments and a requisition.  We also ask that any previous imaging  and reports be provided 

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Simply enter your username and password to be directed to your secure account.

You can access these files by Android, desktop, iPhone, iPad etc

If you are not connected to the physicians’ portal or have any questions, please contact the office to create an account.

For Patients

Acsess will only be granted when images are requested for Specialists, Chiropractors or Physiotherapists.

 If you are not connected to our portal or have any questions, please contact the office. 

For Patients- Frequently asked questions

Do I need an appointment?

Ultrasound ,Bone Mineral Density and Mammogram exams require appointments . Please try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to register.

Regular X-rays are done on a walk-in basis. The wait time for X-rays is variable, depending on the time of day.

What documents do I need for my procedure, at registration?

You will need a valid health card and requisition form signed by the referring physician.

Who will interpret my examination?

Your examination will be interpreted by a Radiologist, a physician with special training in Diagnostic Radiology. All our physicians are board-certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and have done additional sub specialty training in different areas of Radiology. The technologists are specially trained in obtaining pictures of the body but are not trained in their interpretation. Therefore, they are not legally permitted to give you any results.  

Do I need to take my results to the Doctor?

Your physician will receive a written report within 24-48 hours, if not sooner. If your physician requests a result more urgently, a report can be phoned or faxed to your physician the same day as your examination. 

How can I get a copy of my exams?

We can burn a CD of your exam once it has been reported by the Radiologists.while you wait. This service is free if requested by your referring physician or specialist. However, if it is intended for personal use, such as taking it abroad, a charge of $10 is applied. 

For obstetrical ultrasounds, a charge of $10 is applied where we provide you with selected images of your baby.  

Patient Privacy - Frequency asked questions

What information does Central X-ray and Ultrasound collect?

Central X-ray and Ultrasound collects both personal and health information. Your name, date of birth, address and Health Card Number are examples of personal information 

Why does Central X-ray and Ultrasound need this information?

 The information we collect from you is used:

  1. To provide you with quality health care and follow-up care in the community. We need your information to make sure we can make the appropriate diagnosis and provide treatment.
  2. To comply with the law,
  3. The law requires healthcare institutes to disclose your personal health information if there is a legal investigation.

We will only collect, use or disclose your personal health information outside your circle of care with your express consent or in accordance with PHIPA. Central X-ray and Ultrasound provides a more detailed outline to its clients about what type of personal health information will be collected as part of providing health care services to you.

How does Central X-ray and Ultrasound protect my information?

 A few of the ways that we strive to protect both your personal information and your personal health information are by:

  1. Educating our staff, physicians, volunteers and students on the importance of respecting your privacy rights and about their obligations to maintain confidentiality.
  2. Applying additional security measures to all electronic health records; e.g., user- specific log in names and passwords, encryption requirements, firewall and antivirus software.

All your medical images are stored at a secure facility that requires strict bio metric identification to access the facility. Only authorized staff members have access to this facility. We do not store or transfer Information outside Ontario.

Does Central X-ray and Ultrasound share my information with anyone?

 We share some or all your information with:

  1. Health care providers at other hospitals, nursing homes or other health care agencies who need information for ongoing care in the community.
  2. Agencies that fund Central X-ray and Ultrasound, e.g. OHIP, extended health insurance companies, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Ministry of Health.

Other agencies to whom we are required by law to provide information, e.g. for public health surveillance.

As part of the Diagnostic Imaging repository (DI-r), we also share your images with all the hospitals in our Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) that includes 98 healthcare organizations in the following Ontario regions: North York, York region and South Simcoe and Northern York region. The goal of eHealth Ontario is to eventually have all of Ontario to be connected to a common repository to better serve your healthcare needs.

Will Central X-ray and Ultrasound disclose my health information to outside companies or to my emplo

Unless the disclosure is permitted or required by law, Central X-ray and Ultrasound requires your written permission or a court order to disclose health information to any organization or person not directly involved with the provision of your care. 

Where is my health information stored and for how long?

Only authorized staff members have access to this facility Central X-ray and Ultrasound is legally required to keep a patient’s health record for at least 7 years past the date of the last admission. There are situations, e.g. health records of children, where Central X-ray and Ultrasound is required to keep a record longer. 

And more questions

What if some of the information in my health record is incorrect?

Central X-ray and Ultrasound only use the information that is on your OHIP card. If this information is incorrect, i.e. incorrect spelling of your name, or date of birth, please contact service Ontario to take the necessary steps to correct your information. 

Can my family see my health information?

Although you have the right to access your health record, this right does not automatically extend to family members and/or friends. If you provide written authorization for a friend or family member to see your record, then the friend/family member may access the part(s) that you have consented to let them see. 

What if I am unable to give consent to release my health information?

Like consenting to treatment, if you are unable to give consent for access, use and/or disclosure of your health information, the consent decision falls to the appointed substitute decision maker, such as a spouse, parent or guardian. 

Will my family and friends be able to call in to get information about me over the phone?

 We do not provide information over the phone because we have no way to verify who is calling and what their relationship is to you. 

Can all staff access my health information?

The only persons whom Central X-ray and Ultrasound authorizes to access a patient record are the staff and radiologists involved in a patient’s care, or staff who need information from a patient record to conduct the business of Central X-ray and Ultrasound e.g., the Finance department staff that sends a bill to OHIP. All staff are bound Central X-ray and Ultrasound policies and practices related to privacy and confidentiality. These policies aim to ensure that staff only access information on a need-to-know basis. Regulated Health Professionals are also bound by privacy and confidentiality requirements from their professional associations. 

Can my family physician access my health information?

Central X-ray and Ultrasound sends information to your family physician that is listed in your requisition. We will provide additional information to your family physician if requested and unless you tell us otherwise. 

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